“Art in the 'Burg” is getting more art in the Arts District! A way to move the center-of-gravity of the arts in Williamsburg to the area designated by the city as the Williamsburg Arts District.

Colonial Folk Art Studio & Gallery, one of the art-related businesses to settle in the district, looked for ways to increase community involvement and awareness of the Arts District and to get artists a more frequent venue for showing their works other than the occasional (but awesome) art festivals we have in the region.

To that end, Colonial Folk Art approached the Williamsburg Arts District Association (WADA) with the idea of creating a frequent arts event in the Arts District.  The Association graciously agreed and is the official sponsor.  

The fairs are revenue neutral. In other words, no one associated with the event makes any profit from them. All monies charged to artists for spaces go directly back into marketing the event. Since WADA has no staff or means of funding, Colonial Folk Art, a WADA member, volunteered to host and run the event.

What is Art in the 'Burg???


Parking for Visitors is always available on Bacon Ave. or in the parking lots

of Fleming's Gifts and Chesapeake Bank

Fair Dates in 2016

April 16      May 14      June 18      July 16      August 20      September 17      October 15      November 5