Being a patron of the arts goes back into ancient times when it was predominately the role of kings and nobility to sponsor art.

Times have changes.  Now, everyday people and businesses can be patrons of the arts by doing many different things to support the types of art they enjoy and want to see continue.

As an art fair, Art in the 'Burg covers a vast number of art styles and media.  It is an important part of growing the arts within our community and fostering the creative economy.

The most common way for businesses to help sponsor Art in the 'Burg is to buy a banner (graphics provided by WADA) and place it out in front of their business at least three days before the next fair.

This gives the business the opportunity to have their name associated with supporting the arts and getting advertising they normally couldn't get by having a banner with their logo in front of their business. See the example of a banner by sponsor Allstate on the right.

Banners from local small businesses are less than $120.

Additionally, once a sponsor, you continue to be a sponsor as long as you put up the banners!

We also encourage businesses to include Art in the 'Burg in their advertising. For businesses that want to support the arts but are in a location where they can't put up a banner, this is a perfect opportunity.

For individuals, we encourage you to volunteer to put up signs and spread the word.

How to Become a Patron


Parking for Visitors is always available on Bacon Ave. or in the parking lots

of Fleming's Gifts and Chesapeake Bank

Fair Dates in 2016

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